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The Rain Drop in Flamed Stainless


The Rain Drop in Flamed Stainless

3/4" Diameter x 1 1/2" Tall

4 to 6 Minute Spin Times

The Pacific Northwest is well-known as a wonderland of thick, green forests; they don't happen without a lot of raindrops!  This top design is pretty self-explanatory by shape and name.  We wanted to create a spinner that would dance upon a mirror, lens, or desktop with ease and smooth movement.  This little raindrop really does glide into a beautiful smooth spin that makes you second guess : "is it still moving?"

The brass has a classic glimmer, bright touch to the every day carry appeal for the modern collector.  While the stainless steel brings forth a powerful punch of force.  The flamed blue is true wilderness beauty making you see the dancing water appearance to the spin.  We think they all make a great gift item!

The swirly, cut-out stem machining adds a unique movement to the top, while also reminding us of sideways drops on a window panel. All three options come with a ceramic contact point.

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