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The Columbia Ls3


The Columbia Long Spinner Ls3 (Long Spinner Version 3) is here! Designed with the long spin enthusiast in mind we pared these two almost opposite materials to bring you an amazing top!  The Ls3 is a mighty BEAST coming in at 80 Grams.  You will need a serious strong spin hand or to use the string method to get the Ls3 ripping but when you do she performs with and over 20 minute spin time!

The Ls3 has just a 10% larger diameter but this yields a 60% increase in weight!  That is what Tungsten does best and is why we set out to make the heaviest top we have ever made!

*** Note: The Ls3 may take up to a week to ship as we take every opportunity to balance these tops as best as we can!

Links to our Ls2 and Ls1:

Interesting facts:
Tungsten or Wolfram has a melting point over 6000 F and has a similar density to gold, meaning its really really really heavy!  All raw material is sourced from Smelting Plants in the USA making them Conflict Free and 100% American Made! Wikipedia on Tungsten/Wolfram  Conflict Resource Info

We love our Columbia River and wanted to make a top that does it justice!  It is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest and starts at the majestic Columbia Glacier in the Canadian Rockies!  Wikipedia

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