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The Columbia Ls1 & Ls2


The Columbia Long Spinner (LsX) is here! Designed with the long spin enthusiast in mind we pared these two almost opposite materials to bring you an amazing top!

Ls3 Link:

Ls2 Release: The Ls2 adds a hollow stem and a balanced outer ring to the Ls1!  We hollowed out the stem to lower the center of gravity and its impressive how quick this top centers and sticks in place.  We have been diligently working on a way to balance the outer Tungsten ring and we have been able to make great strides with these tops!  For more information check out our blog post: My Balance Journey.  We spin test each of these and they spin 19-22 minutes on a worn out shop mirror!  These spinners weigh in at 50-53 grams and feature either a press fit Ceramic or Tungsten Carbide Contact point.

Ls2 Update 12/10 - All Ls2's are now balanced from the bottom of the top so the outer ring is kept smooth.


Ls1 Release: At almost 1-1/4", The Columbia Ls1 features a T6-6061 Aluminum stem and a Tungsten outer ring.  We press fit either a Ceramic or Tungsten Carbide contact point and machine the grip so you can really make this guy rip!  Spin times vary depending on surface and each top seems to almost have a personality; current tests show 10+ minutes, and my record (8/28/17) is 18:31 (Ceramic Contact Point) on a 6 inch "shop mirror."  Because of the huge mass so far out from the center of gravity these can develop a shimmy to light wobble towards the end of their spin; this is normal. These spinners weigh in at 52-55 gr.


Release Notes:
Every release is intended to build upon lessons learned from the last and will be defined by Ls1, Ls2, etc..  We are excited to see how long we can make this guy spin for with feedback from our amazing community!

Interesting facts:
Tungsten or Wolfram has a melting point over 6000 F and has a similar density to gold, meaning its really really really heavy!  All raw material is sourced from Smelting Plants in the USA making them Conflict Free! Wikipedia on Tungsten/Wolfram  Conflict Resource Info

We love our Columbia River and wanted to make a top that does it justice!  It is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest and starts at the majestic Columbia Glacier in the Canadian Rockies!  Wikipedia

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