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Materials & Care

--- Main Body Materials ---

Brass - Free Cutting Brass, also known as Alloy 360 is used for its ease of machining and affordability. It is also really heavy which helps our tops spin for a long time!  Brass will form a natural patina and eventually give your top an antiqued look.  If shiny brass is your thing then you can clean the top with a commercial brass cleaner or simply use ketchup and a microfiber cloth to remove the patina.  

Bronze - Slightly harder to machine than Brass and a little more expensive.  Bronze will also form a natural patina over time.  If you would like to keep Bronze shiny you can use 1 Tbs Salt, I Cup White Vinegar and enough Flour to create a paste; then apply the paste and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and polish with a microfiber cloth.

Copper - Harder to machine than Brass or Bronze but shows up with that great red hue!  Copper is one of the most requested materials and will form a patina over time! If you want to remove the patina we recommend purchasing a commercial copper polish or simply cut a fresh lemon in half, sprinkle coarse salt on the lemon and rub it on the copper.

Damascus - Made from two varying composition steels that are folded on each other or welded together to form an interesting pattern that looks like wood.  Depending on what two types of steel are used these can form some rust over time.  Using a fine towel and some carnuba wax (Meguiars works well) on the surface as a polish will keep the steels from forming any rust.


--- Stem Materials ---

Aluminum - The lightest material we offer allows for the weight to be distributed out further than other options.  This allows for a slightly longer spin time on average.  Aluminum does come with some cautions as it can be bent if dropped so please be careful when spinning a top with an Aluminum stem.

Stainless Steel - Our standard Stem Material for multiple piece tops. SS requires little to no maintenance and adds some heft to the top.  

Titanium - My personal favorite as I love to see the stems flamed or electro-anodized giving colors that pop!  Ti requires little to no maintenance and is stronger and lighter than steel!


--- Contact Point Materials ---

Chrome Steel - Economical and relatively hard, these bearings won't break or shatter.  They have a Rockwell Hardness of (RHc) 60 and come standard in all our tops.

Tungsten Carbide - Harder than Chrome Steel coming in with a RHc of 90.  These bearings are more expensive than Chrome Steel but will also scratch and wear less, preserving spin times over the years.  They also have a great gunmetal finish!

Ceramic - We use Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) bearings for the longest and smoothest spin times!  This is possible because they are virtually frictionless and lighter than Steel or Tungsten.  In rare cases if dropped it is possible for them to shatter so some care is needed when selecting this contact point. They are also used in applications ranging from championship Tour de France cycling teams to the engines on the space shuttle!