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Columbia Ls2 Update

Hey spinners! 

11/6/17 Update: All reservation invoices are being sent out tonight and tomorrow.  We are going to fulfill the reservation spots first then open up the books for new orders :-)

We have a quick update video below, sorry its been taking so long on the Ls2, we are working to make it even more amazing!


For those lucky to get in on the reservation here are your options:

1. Wait until the balance machine is done (completed in November!)
2. Get er now - email us and let us know to ship yours "unbalanced" - we are getting 18+ minutes on these
3. Cancel - email us and we will refund your reservation $5

We will update everyone as we progress!

Happy Spinning Everyone,
Matt & Jen

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  • John M. on

    Can I get on the list for the next release for a balanced LS2 after pre-orders? Will this be made in copper or brass as well?

  • Shaheen on

    Hi, Shaheen here from Dubai, UAE.

    Your Jefferson is my favourite between lambda & Vorso.

    How do i preorder a balanced tungsten LS2, would you be able to fit a Sapphire bearing like the guys at plierspinning tops ? …

    Thanks, TC

  • Scott Eckert on

    How do I go about ordering this item and approximately. It is unclear if they are available now or they need to be pre-ordered. If so, when do you expect them to ship?

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